I'm a twenty-one year old geology student from Seattle with varied nerdy interests. Don't be surprised to see some eclectic things mixed in with the trees and rocks. The about me page includes my original photography and posts that generally describe me and my feelings.

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the worlds inside of you (color)
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Grand Canyon I ➾ Luke Gram
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6:12pm  .  Spirit Lake - Mount St. Helens National Monument

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My happy baby :)
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Block Mountain area, near Dillon, MT
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I run with the rivers.
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If Only For Today...
North Cascades, WA
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More photos by John Westrock on Flickr.
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Pioneer Mountains from Block Mountain area, Southwest Montana
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Perpetual Calendar, Arina Pozdnyak, Joram Nathanael, Igor Lyagushin
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untitled by amy buxton on Flickr.
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Black Forests  |  Robert Kaczynski