I'm a twenty year old geology student from Seattle with varied nerdy interests. Don't be surprised to see some eclectic things mixed in with the trees and rocks. The about me page includes my original photography and posts that generally describe me and my feelings.

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to whoever just dug out this old fave of mine and brought it back into the tumblr game: thank you <3
 - hiking in mount rainier national park, washington - 
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Rockaway Beach, Oregon
by Cody William Smith

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Maple Pass - Lake Ann Loop, North Cascades by i8seattle on Flickr.
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Mount Si, Washington by (jordanquinn)
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Cactus, Block Mtn, near Dillon, MT
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aww they just want to go kayaking

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(via 500px / Comme ces chouette. by Denis Dumoulin)
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It was cold, it was slippery, it was tiring. It was clean, it was fresh, it was pure.
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Yosemite, CA (Aug. 19, 2014)
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Gog appreciation post.

Beyana, I love Gog!